Hotelogix is an enterprise grade solution for Small & Medium-sized Hotel Properties that lets you

completely manage your business using a simple Computer and a basic Internet connection. The system is innovatively designed to cover the complete Operational & Business needs of a Hotel with  hotelogix-logoamazing simplicity, offered at an exceptional value.

Hotelogix lets you work with multiple currencies & time-zones, and on Multiple Properties that may be managed centrally, and are seamlessly linked for Marketing & Distribution through a variety of channels for improved ROI, thus directly improving your bottom line – profits.

The solution covers Hotel operations with immense flexibility, such that to accommodate even the most complex of scenarios quite effectively. So no matter what your property type is, be it a Hotel, Hotel Chain, Resort, Motel, Lodge or a Road side Inn, we are sure it will meet your requirements, and let you carry through even the most complex of transactions with un-matched ease.

Front Desk management

Hotelogix gives you the power to manage virtually every kind of booking centrally through your Front Desk. Frontdesk is seamlessly integrated to the built in POS terminals & Web booking engine, and further, linked to major distribution channels offering multiple Rates and Room inventories on the GDS and IDS directly through the forthcoming versions of Hotelogix Admin Console.

Distribution channels support

Hotelogix supports all major Sales Distribution networks and channels for your hotel inventory (GDS, IDS, and Travel Agents, Corporate bookings, Hotel Website sales etc). This is to dramatically decrease your running costs primarily letting you do-away with resources to manage multiple inventories, and minimize chances of errors resulting in un-monitored over-bookings that help in-turn to cut losses from chargeback’s.

Online payments & Credit Card processing

Hotelogix allows direct credit card settlements through integration support with virtually every major payment gateways, like PayPal,, Virtual Merchant etc. The system lets you charge from everywhere within the system, be it a No show charge from Frontdesk, or a Check-out settlement, or even a Food bill payment at your Restaurant, thus acting as a Virtual terminal available universally throughout the Hotel. An extra gateway integration cost applies.

Travel agent and Corporate consoles

Hotelogix includes integrated Travel Agent and Corporate Bookings consoles, which allows you to conduct business directly with your agents and corporate customers, cutting staff intervention and allowing real-time bookings. Multiple bookings are possible in a snap, both from the Frontdesk or any other Hotelogix interface. You can offer special negotiated rates & terms for your Corporate customers and Travel agents, with the commissions calculated and accounted for automatically.

Marketing console

A built-in Marketing console lets you coordinate your business from different global locations, that saves on greatly on communication costs and lets you streamline your operations with Regional offices and

Accounting, third party integrations

Complete Accounting, third party integrations like EPABX, Credit card, Video-on-demand, Room Key, Inventory Stock, CRM, and more are all in the development map and soon be seen on the system.